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Lagos The Next Fifty Years is an independent community driven event aimed at commemorating the 50th anniversary of the creation of Lagos as a State of Nigeria, the home to the most diverse cross section of people in Africa.

Independent and apolitical LNFY, is intended to be a cross fertilization of young emerging Lagosians from diverse professions and invited eminent/prominent stakeholders in Lagos.

The aim of the event is to promote the preservation of ‘Essential Lagos’ now and into the future. The greatness of our heritage is worthy of great celebration but not just the last fifty years, today’s great yearning of the youth and mature alike is (should be) promoting and preserving the future of Lagos with an articulated look and foray into – Lagos The Next Fifty Years [LFNY]


To be Celebrated through:

  • Not only inclusion and diversity but Lagos identity and roots;
  • Art, life & Style – an encyclopedic display
  • Creativity – Lagos ‘The talent factory’
  • ‘The Atlas of Lagos foods’ – an all-Lagos-lunch-menu
  • Music